Welcome to the South Carolina Chapter of Delta Upsilon


Our fraternity was born under the mission of “building better men.” We strive to prepare our members for life beyond the University by teaching them the values we were founded on in 1834. Through this, our members grow tremendously as leaders, scholars, and individuals. 

Our members are proud to call themselves part of one of the strongest brotherhoods on this campus. We support and help each other through our low-points and happily celebrate our successes. When we were initiated as brothers, we weren’t joining an organization; we were joining a family. 

Our future is dictated and empowered by the time and effort of our members; it’s amazing what a determined group of people can accomplish together. Our current executive board is the most talented and innovative team that we have assembled in our history. With their leadership guiding the chapter, we are positioned to develop astronomically over the coming year. I have no doubt in my mind that we will exceed all expectations and overcome any obstacle in our path. 

We are Delta Upsilon, and there is nothing but greatness ahead of us. 


Dikaia Upotheke

Clesson Allman, Chapter President